Good morning.

If you’re reading this, my wife has gone into labor with our first child before I was able to get this week’s issue together.

Last Week in AWS returns next week with a double issue; in the meantime, here’s some AWS related content to tide you over.

The AWS Community Day is in San Francisco next week. Registration is free, and I'll be kicking off the event. If you're around, be sure to say hi!

The Datacenter Does Not Revolve Around AWS, Despite Its Gravity - It’s easy to get bogged down in the Cloud space, and forget that much of the world still lives in physical datacenters. There’s an entire world of on-prem out there to work with / improve / make fun of; despite AWS’s massive dominance in the cloud space, there are indeed still new worlds to conquer.

The Open Guide to AWS remains (with its attendant Slack team) one of the best communities I’ve found to date for discussing AWS approaches, gotchas, implementation issues, and other various cloudy things. Be sure to drop by #lastweekinaws and say hello.

In case you missed previous tips:
* AWS now has a limit of 50 tags, not 10.
* Data transfer between Oregon and Virginia is half the cost of same-region AZ transfer, or multi-region between any other two regions.
* AZs aren’t the same between accounts; my us-east–1a might be your us-east–1c.
* You can tag snapshots of EBS volumes, but they won’t show up on the detailed billing report.

And lastly, here’s the Amazon Alphabet:

A is for AWS, because that’s how we start
B is for Batch, for when ASGs fall apart
C is for Connect, so your call centers can scale unabated
D is for Direct Connect– which is of course unrelated
E is for EC2, where we buy instances that are probably too large
F’s for the Free Tier, for which you won’t be charged
G is for green on your status page, which is mostly a lie
H is for HIPAA, with which you might comply
I is for IAM, which helps us stop data leaks
J’s for the JSON their whole system speaks
K’s for Kinesis, watch realtime data flow
L is for Lambda, because Docker’s so six months ago
M is for Marketplace, to appease your partners: our vendors
N is for your managed NAT gateways, in all of their splendor
O is for OpsWorks– it’s like Chef, except not
P is for Polly, it gives voice to this bot.
Q is for Queueing– SQS keeps my stuff wired
R’s for Rekognition– image moderation tells me I’m about to get fired
S is for S3, when you’ve got data volumes that seem insurmountable
T is for the Tag Editor, to hold people accountable
U’s for the UK, where eu-west-2 needs renaming
V’s for VPCs which always need a fair bit of explaining
W is for WorkDocs– like Google Docs, which it won’t be replacing
X is for X-Ray, gives you distributed tracing
Y is for Yubikey– AWS doesn’t support, to my frustration
And Z is for Zurich – which is a CloudFront Edge location.

Thank you for your patience; Last Week in AWS returns next Monday.

Corey Quinn
Editor, Last Week in AWS